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New generation of wearable AC

Fujitsu has released the second iteration of its wearable cooling device, the Cómodo gear i2.

Last year, the company developed a wearable cooling device called the Cómodo gear. The updated version has an improved cooling function and is now adjustable. Feedback from users has resulted in the new version being 15g lighter, and it will be available in two sizes.

Fujitsu originally developed the Cómodo gear for those who work outdoors or have no access to air conditioning.

The product uses Peltier elements to lower body temperature by transferring the heat from the carotid artery to a water-cooled heat sink worn on the waist.

After successful test sales of the Cómodo gear in 2020, Fujitsu now plans to offer the Cómodo gear i2 to the Japanese market in the next month.

More information is available here.

Feature image courtesy of Fujitsu.

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