New R32 Multi Systems from Fujitsu

Fujitsu General Australia has released three- and four-room Multi Systems, engineered with R32 refrigerant technology.

According to Fujitsu, the new outdoor unit design not only delivers space-saving advantages but also a streamlined installation process, empowering homeowners to connect up to four distinct indoor units to one compact outdoor unit.

“We are proud to introduce our new R32 Multi System units as part of our ongoing commitment to expanding our R32 product offering and increasing the range of available compatible indoor units to give the end consumer more choice,” says Kyle Rafter, head of product ANZ, Fujitsu General Australia said.

Fujitsu notes that the system is built on R32 refrigerant technology, with a 67 per cent lower global warming potential (GWP) factor compared to R410A refrigerants. The system has also been designed for easy installation, featuring service access from the side and a centralised valve method for quicker evacuation of all connected pipes and indoor units. 

A commissioning mode has been built into the outdoor unit to conduct automatic wiring and piping checks. Fujitsu says that this automatically corrects errors, saving time for trades, without compromising the unit’s peak performance capabilities.

The range comprises 23 indoor units across six distinct styles, with individual or centralised control options that support up to nine different languages. Fujitsu says that the systems are not just user friendly but also highly functional, fitting seamlessly into a variety of residential layouts.

“Whether it’s ease of installation or flexibility in indoor unit options, the new R32 Multi Systems set a new benchmark in HVAC technology,” says Rafter. “Our five-year warranty, coupled with the support from Fujitsu General Assist, is our promise of long-term performance and reliability.”

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