New Sensibo Airbend software for cleaner air

Sensibo has launched new software it says will allow accommodation facilities to manage air conditioning and air quality monitoring devices in bulk, reduce heating and cooling costs, and ensure healthy air quality for guests.

According to the company, the new Sensibo Airbend software can lead to savings of more than 40 per cent on energy bills through optimised monitoring and management of all air conditioning and air quality monitors in a building, and can also help to improve health, focus, comfort, cognitive ability and more.

“A powerful and smart AC and air quality management solution, Sensibo Airbend allows facilities such as offices, commercial spaces, restaurants, hotels and schools to take control of their energy usage and air quality to reduce their operational costs, increase attendance and attention span while helping them meet their sustainability goals,” says Sensibo.  

The effects of poor air quality and high temperatures on people’s ability to work is becoming more widely known. Sensibo’s research shows that indoor air quality can be up to five times worse than outdoors, yet harmful contaminants such as CO2, PM2.5 and TVOC continue to go unmonitored in office buildings.

Airbend allows facility managers to remotely manage all of their units and set smart rules and parameters to optimise AC usage and air quality in individual offices, keeping employees and guests comfortable, while reducing energy consumption, says Sensibo.  

“Leveraging Sensibo Airbend can alert relevant parties to polluted spaces. Using artificial intelligence, sensors and data, the system then gives actionable insights and steps to reduce pollutants.

“In addition, Airbend can automatically turn on the AC units in rooms to fan mode to circulate and filter the air, instantly improving the air quality.”

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