New software from Nexus Digital Technologies

Nexus Digital Technologies has added QR coding capability to its cloud-based Nexus Service Manager.

“Choosing the correct software to improve efficiency is an important decision in any business,” says the company. “Not only is effective software essential to provide the necessary functionality for a business to operate, but it also needs to be simple to use and easy to customise.”

According to Nexus Digital Technologies, its cloud-based Nexus Service Manager can be used on Android or Apple devices and provides a modular-based service software which customers can tailor to their own needs.

The software now also has QR coding capability with the Onsite Equipment Management module and mobile invoicing. Nexus Digital Technologies says this provide managers with access to a comprehensive system that meets all the needs of a modern air conditioning company.

According to the company, Nexus Service Manager was designed with the HVAC and air conditioning industry in mind. First released in 2008, the software is Australian owned and developed and is backed by local Australian support.

The company says the system is designed to collect all information and activities for businesses. By integrating and centralising all business information, it allows for efficient and more accurate storage and reporting of information.

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