New temperature sensing tech for metal tanks

Dwyer Instruments has announced a new product in Omega’s HANI (high accuracy, non-invasive) temperature sensing range: the HANI temperature sensors for metal tank applications.

According to Dwyer, the new design makes sensor installation easy by enabling it to be mounted to the outside of a metal tank where it can read the temperature of the process media inside. The installation does not require drilling, cutting or any downtime.

Because the sensor does not come into contact with the media inside the tank, Dwyer says there is no risk of buildup, sensor wear or breakage from agitators, mixers, or corrosive abrasive liquids.

The tank sensor is designed for use on any metal tank 60cm in diameter or larger, and arrives factory set for stainless steel tanks; however, users can select additional materials through Omega’s free SYNC software.

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