Nidec Global Appliance announces new president

Nidec Global Appliance, a global provider of solutions for the residential and commercial appliances industries, has appointed Guilherme Almeida as the new president of its worldwide operations. With 11,000 employees across nine countries, the company produces and commercialises Embraco refrigeration solutions and Nidec motors for washing machines, dryers and dishwashers.

Almeida, an engineer, started his career at Embraco in 2006 as an intern in the research and development department. Since then, he has increased his responsibilities within the business, working across different areas such as operations, finance, controlling, supply chain, and marketing. This included four years in the company’s facilities in China.

After the acquisition of Embraco by Nidec Corporation in 2019 and its integration into the Nidec Global Appliance business platform, Almeida became Strategic Planning and Institutional Relations Vice-President, responsible for globally managing mergers and acquisitions, strategy development, business intelligence and new business opportunities.

His new role is part of a transition process that started in April 2022, when Nidec Global Appliance appointed him as Deputy President, replacing Valter Taranzano.

“I’m honoured to be appointed to this role,” says Almeida. “I’m fully committed and excited to lead our team to continue building Nidec Global Appliance’s successful story, making a difference in the market and to our people.

“My journey within the company reflects its robust people development processes and succession planning.”

The new president will be responsible for the Nidec Global Appliance Platform, aiming for the continuous  growth of home and commercial appliances business segments, and for all functions within the platform, strongly collaborating with the ACIM leadership team and goals. His nomination signifies the continuity of Nidec Global Appliance’s positioning and further strengthening of its initiatives in innovation, energy efficiency and environmental sustainability.

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