Panasonic partners with Reclaim Energy to launch CO2 hot water heat pump

Panasonic Australia and Reclaim Energy have announced a partnership to launch a CO2 hot water heat pump solution in the Australian market, delivering consumers energy savings and a cost-effective alternative to gas and electric hot water heating.

The installation pairs Panasonic’s CO2 heat pump technology with Reclaim Energy’s hot water system design solution and will be available to both the residential and commercial market in December 2023.

According to the companies, the CO2 heat pump is up to five times more efficient than gas or traditional electric heating and can quickly and safely heat water up to 80 degrees Celsius, making it suitable for both residential and commercial use. The refrigerant it uses has a low global warming potential.

The heat pump uses a heat exchanger to collect heat from the air outside to use as energy for the refrigerant, then uses energy from the hot refrigerant to heat the water. The Panasonic product has an industry leading coefficient of performance of 6.1.

The heat pump and storage tank are designed to be installed externally, for example at the back or side of a free-standing home. They operate quietly and have a small footprint.

Reclaim Energy Managing Director Chris Taylor says the partnership puts control back in consumers’ hands.

“The focus of our business is to allow householders to have a greater level of control of their own energy consumption and management, while contributing to net zero emissions,” Taylor says. “We’re pleased to partner with Panasonic. They are known as an innovative and trusted air conditioning provider in Australia and have sold hot water heat pumps in overseas markets for over 20 years, so we are excited to be working with them to bring this solution to the local market.”

Panasonic Australia Managing Director Paul Reid says the company’s global mission is to help humanity live well while reducing environmental impacts for the benefit of future generations, and that the local partnership with Reclaim aligns with this goal.

“Panasonic understands that we’re all searching for ways to overcome the environmental and societal challenges we’re facing in today’s world,” Reid says. “We want to support Australians who are looking to make more sustainable choices, lower their energy costs and replace outdated water heating solutions. Panasonic has installed approximately two million hot water heat pumps in the Japanese market, and we’re very pleased to be rolling this technology out locally here in Australia.”

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