Polaris offers AC units with natural refrigerants

Sydney-based Polaris Technologies has released a range of natural refrigerant air conditioning units. The Polaris GreenSmart hydrocarbon systems use Engas M60 refrigerant, with a GWP of less than 1.

“Manufactured with fully welded refrigeration lines and incorporating patented advanced leak prevention and detection technology, these air conditioners are built to the highest reliability and safety levels achievable today,” says Polaris.

According to the company, the units can operate efficiently up to 60°C, making them ideal for extreme ambient temperatures. It also says the low operating discharge pressure means that the compressors do not work as hard as systems using synthetic refrigerants such R410A and R32, resulting in extended life of the units.

“And unlike HFC refrigerants,” says Polaris, “natural refrigerants do not break down into PFAS (forever chemicals) if released into the atmosphere.”

There are four units in the GreenSmart lineup: rooftop PAC units; the ducted series; mini VRF systems; and the Polaris Monobloc. The Monobloc units do not require an outdoor unit, and are designed specifically for apartment living and heritage buildings where space is limited and where building facade aesthetics are an important consideration.

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