Polaris re-launches R22 retrofit solution

Sydney-based Polaris Technologies has re-launched a popular R22 retrofit option for HVAC systems.

The Polaris “Intelligent Series” allows you to upgrade only the outdoor unit. Existing pipework and the indoor unit remain.

Polaris Technologies director Tony Power, Affil.AIRAH, says that these systems are well proven in Australia.

“A patented Australian technology based around the sophisticated electronics module and EEV means system pressures remain within limits of R22 pipework,” says Power.

The Intelligent Series utilises M60 hydrocarbon, a high-performance natural refrigerant, for high efficiencies. Polaris has designed the units using patented manufacturers’ safety technologies. Although legacy R410A refrigerant can also be used with these systems, Polaris notes that there is a substantial loss in performance.

Power claims that using the Intelligent Series units reduces installation time by up to 60 per cent.

“There are tens of thousands of old R22 units ready for replacement in Australia and this option is a stand-out,” he says. “The installation involves simply replacing the indoor electronics module and installing a wired wifi-enabled touchpad. Only the outdoor condensing unit is replaced.”

Power says that this offers significant savings to building owners with no building works or disruption to the occupant. He also notes that energy savings using the inverter technology are up to 50 per cent compared to old R22 system performance.

“These units will be a game-changer for building owners wrestling with a myriad of R22 retrofit options that sometimes don’t make a lot of commercial sense.”

The range includes 240V 10kW and 15kW units, as well as a 415V 16kW system. Polaris plans to expand this going forward. The Intelligent Series offers a two-year commercial warranty.

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