Predict the performance of centrifugal pumps

The PUMPCALC is a centrifugal pump analysis program from AWDABPT that can be used to predict the performance of one or more centrifugal pumps, at various impeller sizes, speeds and series or parallel configurations.

The main data needed for running PUMPCALC is the pump performance data. This consists of sets of values of flow rate (or capacity), head and efficiency for a particular pump, and for a specific impeller size and speed.

Normally, this information is available in a pump catalogue. The number of sets of flow, head and efficiency values are limited to between three (minimum) and 15 (maximum) sets of points. The data points taken off a manufacturer’s pump curve must cover the entire range of flow rate permissible for the specific pump.

  • The main features of this program are:
  • Single pump performance: Impeller size and speed changes
  • Multiple pump performance: Series and parallel configurations
  • Viscosity corrected pump performance: Hydraulic Institute method
  • Pump head curve versus pipe system head curve: Operating point     
  • Screen and printer graphic plots.

AWDABPT is the company behind AWDABPT for Buildings and AWDABPT-UG. These computer programs are used in the estimation of the average room air, surface and core temperatures of the rooms of a building, shelter or underground enclosure for equipment and/or people.

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