PROflex master rolls available from Ductmate

PROflex is a flexible duct connector designed to isolate equipment noise and vibration from ductwork, and consists of a fabric secured to sheet metal on both sides. Typically, the connector is inserted between the equipment and the ductwork.

According to Ductmate, PROflex comes in rolls which are now available in various lengths – 1000ft (305m), 750ft (229m), 500ft (152m) – and custom sizes and lengths are available to meet specific production needs.

Ductmate says that PROflex master rolls, when used with any automated flexible duct connector machinery, will significantly reduce labour time and machine downtime, resulting in notable savings on every project. Ductmate also says a PROflex 1000ft master roll will also significantly reduce the scrap produced compared to the standard 100ft roll.

“With the unsurpassed high quality of Ductmate’s PROflex, why waste any of the product? The more you use, the more you save,” says Ductmate.

“An automated flexible duct connector machine used with PROflex master rolls will also allow you to take the guesswork and the possibility of user error out of the cutting process.”

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