ProSafe filters for food and pharma process industries

Camfil Airepure has released the ProSafe range of filters, designed to comply with safety, traceability and control demands within the food processing and life science industries.

The company says the filters are manufactured with materials that comply with European Food Contact Regulation (EC) No 1935:2004. Camfil’s ProSafe filter range is purportedly free of toxic chemicals Bisphenol A, Phthalates and Formaldehyde and resistant to cleanroom decontamination and cleaning procedures (including hydrogen peroxide and other commonly used agents).

The products also conform to BRCGS global standards for food safety, and are fully compliant with the ISO 846:2019 anti-microbial growth standard and the VDI 6022 hygiene in HVAC systems standard. 

ProSafe HVAC and HEPA filters are suitable for use in air conditioning and ventilation systems, as pre-filtration for cleanroom applications and within terminal housings, cleanroom ceilings or laminar airflow benches.  

The models include pleated panel filters, multi-pocket bag filters and V-bank style mini pleat filters, as well mini-pleat panel and compact box style HEPA filters. 

ProSafe mobile air cleaners with HEPA filtration are also available for air recirculation within product distribution and storage areas.

According to Camfil Airepure, all HEPA classified ProSafe filters are tested and individually certified to ensure high performance under critical conditions for leak-free operation.

Energy-efficient filter models, certified with an A+ EuroVent energy rating are also available within this range.

The ProSafe filter range is now available from Camfil Airepure nationally.

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