Purafil launches PuraWard air filter

Purafil’s PuraWard air filter is designed as a solution for the removal of airborne microbial contaminants.

Available in various sizes and particulate filtration grades, PuraWard filters consist of specialised polymer fibres engineered with a US EPA-registered antimicrobial agent.

According to Purafil, this filtration media has been evaluated to remove a range of bacteria, fungi, and viruses – including SARS-CoV-2, the virus responsible for COVID-19.

“The additive supplies silver and copper ions, which synergistically inactivate microorganisms through disruption of cellular respiration, inhibition of intercellular transport, structural degradation of viral protein coats, and other pathways,” says the company.

“Unlike filtration materials that are sprayed or otherwise treated with similar additives, the antimicrobial ion carriers are embedded into PuraWard fibers. This prevents potential leaching of the chemical agents into airstreams, ensuring safe and clean eluting airstreams where filters are used.”

The company says PuraWard’s technology differs from those of other air cleaning systems, in that it eliminates the risk of eluting harmful by-products.

“Alternative air cleaning systems relying on ionisation, photocatalysis, and other electronic technologies also advertise antimicrobial claims,” says Purafil.

“However, studies around these technologies have found these systems to portray variable efficacies in end use, and these systems pose risk of generating potentially harmful contaminants such as ozone and formaldehyde – which can create even more serious health complications for inhabitants of treated spaces.

“Because PuraWard leverages well-established and non-hazardous filtration technology, there is no risk of eluting harmful by-products.” 

Purafil offers third-party efficacy microbial removal data upon request to end-users in order to back up material claims on removing potentially harmful biological contaminants.

The PuraWard product is distributed and supported in Australia by Windsor Engineering Group.

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