Putting the AC in accessories

Fujitsu has developed a wearable cooling device called the Cómodo gear that can be worn around the neck.

It uses uses ventilation, water cooling and Peltier elements to lower body temperature. The device cools the blood flowing through the carotid artery and sends the heat to a water-cooled heat sink worn on the waist.

It is aimed at companies whose employees work outdoors in hot weather, or those in an environment with no access to air conditioning – such as the construction, security and event industries.

The battery lasts approximately 2–4 hours, and the Cómodo gear is NFC- and Bluetooth-enabled.

Fujitsu will begin direct-to-business sales during June, 2020. The company is also developing additional features for the device to monitor the wearer’s vital signs and allow it to be controlled via a mobile app.

More information is available here.

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