RapidRidge roofing system offers passive home cooling

Evo Building Products is offering an innovative dry fixed roofing system that it says provides the benefits of a dry fixed roof with the added bonus of ventilation and passive cooling.

RapidRidge provides a natural cooling passive system across the whole roof to reduce heat transfer through the roof and ceiling into the living space. It is designed to reduce energy costs, simplify installation and maintenance, and prolong the life of the roof.

The product has been awarded the HIA’s Australian GreenSmart Award and has been shown in independently verified tests to save up to 5 per cent on annual electricity bills by providing ventilation in hot weather. According to Evo Building Products, the system can also add up to half a star to a house’s BASIX rating.

“RapidRidge gives strong energy savings, reduced moisture build-up and less ongoing maintenance for homeowners,” says Evo Building Products Managing Director Peter Byrne. “No more reliance on mixing mortar and applying pointing for tradies. And for Australia, RapidRidge means lower energy demands, fewer carbon dioxide emissions, and more sustainable building standards.

“As you can imagine, having the entire roof as a vent, versus just a few vents here and there, makes a huge difference to the passive ventilation performance. RapidRidge can be installed by a roofer in less than half the time of the traditional method, even in retrofit installations. Since RapidRidge has no moving parts or electrical components, it is a set-and-forget passive roof ventilation system that requires no maintenance. Compared to unsightly whirlybirds, RapidRidge maintains the visual aesthetics of the roof, keeping it sleek and minimal without penetrations.”

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