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Recessed wall VOC sensor

The new VT0R VOC Value Series sensor from Senva is designed to sense thousands of VOCs coming from sources such as paints, glues, cleaners, alcohol, building products, smoke, and other harmful or offensive gases.

VOC refers to volatile organic compounds that can be found in a number of harmful gases, odours and smoke.

“Its ability to sense these contaminants in addition to breath and other bodily functions makes it the preferred alternative or compliment to CO2 occupancy sensing,” says Senva.

“The VT0R Value Series ensures that odour and ventilation issues are never a topic of conversation. An array of analogue outputs and thermistor options accommodate any installation and keep occupants breathing easy.”

The unit offers a standard wall plate size that fits most single gang junction boxes, and flush-mount screw plugs for tamper-resistance. Features include humidity compensation and a gasket that ensures measurement accuracy.

Applications include:

  • Controlling ventilation in response to occupancy
  • Ventilation control
  • Economiser control
  • Cafeterias, conference rooms, restrooms and public assembly areas.

This product is distributed in Australia by AB Controls.

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