Recover $100 from Appion!

In a special deal running this month, Appion is offering a $100 trade-in on its G5Twin recovery unit.

“The Appion G5Twin is still the most reliable and fastest recovery unit in real world conditions,” the company says. “While other manufacturers constantly try to replicate the Appion G5Twin, none have taken the time to understand the application of a recovery machine.

“Its unique design with an isolated crankcase enables the machine to work in varied applications, from transferring virgin liquid refrigerant to recovering the worst burnt-out system without any deterioration to the components.

The large gear-driven fans ensure maximum cooling of the machine and refrigerant to prevent undue wear and reduce bottle temperatures. In the rare event of damage to the G5Twin through poor recovery practice, the unit is completely field serviceable or can be returned to the Appion service centre in Melbourne for in-house service.

“For the month of March 2018, Appion Australia is offering a $100 trade-in of your existing recovery machine – dead or alive – when you purchase an Appion G5Twin form any Australian wholesaler.”


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