RectorSeal launches Cover Guard

Cover Guard lineset covers are now available through RectorSeal Australia.

RectorSeal says the lineset covers are designed for residential and commercial HVAC installations of ductless and ducted systems, providing four-stage adjustable support from 5.8–10.18cm. Quick snap-on covers accommodate multiple linesets and condensate drains. 

“Cover Guard lineset covers do not release under pressure,” says the company. “Due to this exceptional design, the locking strength of the guard increases as the internal pressure exerted by the linesets and condensate line increases.”

Additionally, easy-lock adjustable fittings can be opened and closed as needed so that the system can be adjusted, and cam screws are constructed of hardened plastic to avoid potential rust stains.

Rectorseal says that when properly installed, Cover Guard lineset and condensate covers exceed many HVAC code requirements, and are constructed of durable UV-protected, paintable material.

Cover Guard lineset covers are covered by RectorSeal’s three-year limited warranty with no registration required.

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