RectorSeal training programs now SCORM conformant

RectorSeal has updated its training programs to make them conformant with SCORM, an industry standard for eLearning interoperability.

SCORM (Sharable Content Object Reverence Model) is a technical standard that allows a wide variety of LMS (Learning Management Systems) to communicate seamlessly between platforms.

“Flexibility is a core goal of our training programs,” says RectorSeal Marketing and Communications Director Delicia Shyu.

“Rather than require our distributors and representatives to align with a specific LMS program, our use of SCORM allows seamless connectivity to LMS programs that our customers currently use.”

Without SCORM, the process of adapting programs to various LMS platforms can be time consuming and costly.

“To better understand how SCORM works, think of how we used CDs and DVDs in the past,” says Shyu. “The CD or DVD worked in various players regardless of brand. The SCORM standard makes sure that eLearning content and LMS platforms can work with each other.”

RectorSeal is incorporating the interactive SCORM training into its catalogue of training programs. In addition, distributors and representatives can download the SCORM package, allowing them to utilise it with their LMS platforms.

RectorSeal customers can choose an unlimited number of free courses available as on-demand learning, scheduled webinars, Learning Management Systems, Distributor Learning Management Systems, and more. Courses can be scheduled and completed at a pace chosen by the participant.

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