Reliable Controls adds VOC sensors

The MACH-ProView controllers, SMART-Sensor and SMART-Sensor Electronic Paper Display (EPD) devices from Reliable Controls are now available with an optional volatile organic compound (VOC) sensor that provides air quality measurement relevant to the comfort and health of building occupants.

Reliable Controls describes VOC as a complementary measurement to CO2 that detects a wide array of chemical compounds, both natural and human-made, and provides better indoor air quality measurement than CO2 alone.

“MACH-ProView devices are powerful, elegant, freely programmable BACnet Building Controllers (B-BC) that allow users to monitor and control the comfort and energy of any space,” says Reliable Controls.

“In addition to being a BACnet Building Controller, the MACH-ProView LCD is listed as a BACnet Operator Display (B-OD) that provides a plenitude of attractive, high-resolution graphical interfaces.

“The SMART-Sensor is a complement to any room and delivers a modern networked-sensor solution that allows you to connect with up to 10 configurable parameters related to your space.

The VOC sensor features includes a 0–8,190ppb range with resolution of 2ppb (0–2,008ppb)/6ppb (2,009+ppb); automatic background calibration; and automatic humidity measurement.

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