Reliable Controls upgrades RC-RemoteAccess

In 2016 Reliable Controls released RC-RemoteAccess, a BACnet virtual private network (B/VPN) software solution designed to harden BACnet building automation networks and protect them from malicious actors.

“Not only did it protect systems from threats, but also it was effortless to use and implement,” Reliable says.

Now, with the release of software version 3.6.1, RC-RemoteAccess has been designed to act as a BACnet Secure Connect (B/SC) hub in addition to providing B/VPN support. B/SC expands the BACnet protocol with an interoperable encryption standard for building automation software and devices to enable secure transmission of data across disparate B/SC-capable systems.

“The addition of B/SC to RC-RemoteAccess brings an excellent product to a new level,” says product owner Steve Chester.

“The ability to combine both B/VPN and B/SC clients into a single BACnet secure network allows for easy expansion of a system and simple integration with new products. RC-RemoteAccess uses a granular approach to accessing a BACnet secure network by providing a means to grant or revoke access individually to a B/SC client, streamlining management of these connections.”

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