Revit plug-in for HVAC drawings

Revit software users can now use the free Revit plug-in to save time and reduce data transposition errors when selecting the most appropriate ventilation solutions for their mechanical drawings. Revit is a drafting tool that enables a streamlined method of adding HVAC equipment to drawings. 

In consultation with engineers, consultants, and draftsman, Pacific Ventilation has designed its Revit plugin to automatically bring in fan information to drawings when used with its fan selection software FansSelect. 

The app keeps a record of all fans selected so you can make changes from start to finish without creating extra work. The plugin saves changes, allowing you to swap different fans in and out of your plan so long as you have grabbed the .fsx files from FansSelect.

Users can choose between creating the fan selections output on their own or calling their local branch for a copy of the job file.

To use with Revit, the plug-in only needs to be installed once as the tool encompasses an automatic update system.

The key benefits of using this plug-in include significant time savings in preparing construction drawings and ensuring the final information is accurate.

Headquartered in Melbourne, with offices and distributors throughout Australia and New Zealand, Pacific Ventilation (formerly Pacific HVAC) is a wholly owned subsidiary of global HVAC giant Systemair AB.

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