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Rock gods in glass

Western Australian glass company Cooling Brothers has supplied DigiGlass panels that pay tribute to one of the greatest rock groups of all time – Led Zeppelin.

The images of Jimmy Page and Robert Plant are a part of “Legends Corner” for Rock Art Building-01 in Melbourne – a permanent public art exhibition. The installation is described as a “respectful tribute to rock music and to legendary rock musicians”.

The photos were taken by equally legendary music photographer Robert Knight, who over a 50-year career has snapped everyone from Slash, Jeff Beck, Stevie Ray Vaughan and Eric Clapton, right through to more recent bands like Green Day and Maroon 5.

The images on the Rock Art Building-01 were taken at The Seattle Centre Concert Hall in Washington State.

Knight was stoked that his work could be exhibited on such a scale.

“Led Zep in my mind was the greatest rock band of all time and when these photos where done it was at their peak of performing live,” he says. “I think Cooling Brothers did a great job and seeing the photos on glass just looks amazing!”

The panels measure 4m each and were produced on the new DigiGlass line at Cooling Brothers’ 7000m2 facility in High Wycombe, Perth.

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