Sauermann launches new range of measuring instruments

Sauermann has launched a new range of instruments for measuring a variety of parameters in a diverse set of HVAC&R applications.

“For over 40 years, Sauermann has designed, manufactured, and sold products and services dedicated to industrial and HVAC&R markets,” says the company.

“The group specifically focuses on the detection, measurement, and control of Indoor air quality for HVAC&R professionals.”

Sauermann’s full range of instruments comprises: Dual Input Thermometer (Si-TT3), Infrared Thermometer (Si-TI3), Thermo-Hygrometer (Si-HH3), Vane Thermo-anemometer (Si-VV3), Hotwire Thermo-anemometer (Si-VH3), and Digital Differential Pressure Manometer (Si-PM3).

These instruments measure a variety of parameters including temperature, relative humidity, pressure, air velocity and airflow.

Sauermann says its user-friendly Si-HVACR Measurement MobileApp completes the range by displaying measurement data directly on a user’s smartphone or tablet.

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