Sauermann releases Class 320 transmitters

Sauermann has released the Si-C320 and Si-CPE320 transmitters, which replace the firm’s C 310 and CPE 310 models, respectively.

The Si-C320 is an external stationary transmitter with four measurement, alarm and communication channels. The Si-CPE320 is a panel transmitter with a 316L stainless steel front panel and three channels.

“This new Class 320 is now equipped with a colour touchscreen in an improved waterproof housing (IP66) with materials resistant to VHP sterilisation processes,” the firm says.

“The 320 Class transmitters also come with a new mobile app available on Windows, iOS and Android: Sauermann Control. It provides access to all setup parameters via a wireless connection. In addition, a monitoring software system is also available as an option to manage a complete network of transmitters installed within a building.

“These high-precision instruments are combined with 15 new state-of-the-art probes, including temperature-compensated differential pressure modules with solenoid valve autocalibration (Si-PRO-DP), as well as VHP-resistant stainless steel thermohygrometric probes for clean rooms (Si-PRO-U-W) or heated, pollution-resistant external probes (Si-PRO-U-I-100-H).”

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