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Schedule HVAC technicians via Cloud-based app

vWork is cloud-based job scheduling and dispatch software for HVAC and refrigeration businesses. It makes dispatchers and technicians more efficient and improves service reliability, says the namesake company.

At a time when pandemic restrictions are forcing HVAC businesses to work smarter and respond more nimbly to unprecedented changes, the company says that their automated customer service features presents a proactive opportunity for HVAC and refrigeration-focused businesses to improve customer experience, gain efficiencies and prepare for unexpected impacts to their business.

“Customer service is the backbone of gaining repeat business and there is an opportunity currently to focus on building a service-led technician team and business, to overcome any downward price switching arising from COVID-19,” says CEO of vWork, Roy Moody.

“Many businesses use legacy systems, such as paper or software designed for only a few technicians, and bringing these systems up to date presents an opportunity to automate customer experience functions and ultimately meet customer expectations every time.”

Available in iOS and Android versions, the vWork app offers a host of dispatch and fulfilment tools, including: tools for operation teams; reporting tools; tools for mobile workers; customer tools; health and safety tools; add-ons and integrations; and security.

More information on the dispatch and fulfilment tools is available here.

More information on the vWork cloud-based software is available here.

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