Schneider Electric’s new data centre solution

Schneider Electric has announced a new generation of shoebox-sized variable speed drives (VSDs) and computer room air conditioning (CRAC) units that offer energy savings for collocation data centres – also known as “colos”.

According to the company, the VSDs can deliver energy savings of up to 30 per cent by managing the operating speed of fans, compressors and water pumps, according to demand. Taking advantage of this VSD compressor technology, Schneider Electric has developed a complete portfolio of cooling units.

“The variable speed compressors within the precision cooling units are linked to brushless motors and specially designed high-efficiency composite fans,” says the company. “For colos, the high efficiency means lower energy bills. These systems are particularly efficient when the load over time is not constant and always changing.”

A comparison of CRACs in different colos around the world showed energy savings of 30 per cent using the new Gen2 units. Other benefits include the ability to reduce cooling infrastructure costs, and “trim” cooling.

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