Secure IoT from Controlstore

Control and automation specialist Controlstore has launched Tosibox, a new connectivity solution that offers improved security in today’s Internet of Things (IoT) environment.

“Tosibox has taken connectivity and made it simple,” the company says. “Secure connectivity is essential for remote access, remote maintenance, continuous monitoring, and real-time data collection and data logging for your IT network.

“Tosibox Lock is a new industrial VPN router sharing access to devices. Tosibox Key is a VPN client used to access the network. It’s a simple, secure point-to-point connection, with two-factor authentication, automatic security updates and latest encryption technology.

“With Tosibox Lock and Key you can create a fully secure remote connection with plug and go implementation within minutes, without special IT skills.

“Adding new devices, users or access groups into the network is simple with drag and drop. The controlled IoT network of always-on VPN connections enables data collection and continuous monitoring (including audit trail).”

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