Seeley International’s Breezair evaporative air conditioner has won the biggest contract in the world

Seeley International has successfully completed the world’s largest order for evaporative air conditioners, resulting in around 50,000 Australian-made Breezair air conditioners being installed in the tent city of Mina Valley, Saudi Arabia.

Seeley International Founder and Executive Chairman, Mr Frank Seeley, AM FAICD, said the enormous bulk order of Breezair evaporative air conditioners by the Saudi Government and Ministry of Hajj provides state-of-the-art cooling for Makkah Pilgrims during their stay in the Mina Valley tent city. The tent city is a fascinating logistics exercise involving more than 100,000 tents and houses, approximately three million people in over 20 square kilometres.

Breezair air conditioners feature the unique Mini-cell Chillcel® pad technology recently developed by Seeley International. Seeley International is the only manufacturer offering evaporative cooling pads that are fully manufactured in Australia and specifically designed to maximise cooling in harsh climates.


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