Seeley launches Braemar Dominator series

Seeley International has launched an addition to its range of heating and cooling products designed for households that wish to transition to electric appliances.

Seeley says the Braemar Dominator series is a fully electric, efficient heat pump that is purpose-built to replace an existing ducted gas heater, keeping the rest of the system intact.

According to Seeley, the Dominator series substantially reduces the cost of switching from gas to a new ducted reverse-cycle system.

“With the Braemar Dominator series, we are giving homeowners the flexibility to transition to all-electric heating and cooling, whilst minimising the need for costly renovations or disruptions,’’ says Seeley International Group Managing Director Jon Seeley, Affil.AIRAH.

The Dominator series uses reverse-cycle technology packaged into an indoor unit that integrates into existing ceiling or under-floor spaces. It can be paired with an existing evaporative cooler to deliver a hybrid system for the home.

Key features of the Braemar Dominator series include:

  • All-electric direct replacement for any brand of ducted gas heater
  • 20KW of heating capacity in an incredibly cost-efficient single-phase unit
  • Designed for optimal heating performance
  • Energy efficiency and the ability to retain evaporative cooling for energy savings in summer
  • Minimal installation disruption and cost using existing ducting and vents, with most installations completed in a day.

The launch comes just three weeks after the company announced the expansion of its manufacturing base in South Australia.

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5 Replies to “Seeley launches Braemar Dominator series

  1. Hi
    I have a disconnected Kaden Gas 9 Duct system, I’m all Electrical now, and would like too know more about this Product??

  2. Hi, would somebody there please contact me to advise if this product is suitable for replacing an external Brivis BX526 mated to an under-slab network of fixed ducting? I can easily provide more technical detail and photos as required.

    1. Hi Michael, HVAC&R News doesn’t have any connections to Seeley, so we can’t advise you regarding this product. Have you tried contacting Seeley directly? I won’t share it here, but there’s a contact number and email on Seeley’s website. I hope you’re able to get in touch with Seeley using those contact details.

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