Seeley working on hydrogen-ready tech

Seeley International has announced that it has its sights set on Australia’s carbon-neutral future and will continue to invest in the most innovative “hydrogen-ready” appliances.

The messages were delivered by Seeley International’s founder and Executive Chairman Frank Seeley, Affil.AIRAH, at the manufacturer’s recent launch of its Winter 2021 ducted gas heating range.

Addressing a group of approximately 50 gas heating dealers from around the country, Seeley spoke of Australia’s renewed focus on sovereign capability, the strength and security of local supply chains and how the company’s gas heaters fit into the company’s strategy.

Seeley’s Group Managing Director Jon Seeley, Affil.AIRAH, notes that Australia’s energy transition presents a clear choice for manufacturers.

“There is a very credible trajectory for the decarbonisation of gas and very clear environmental, social and economic arguments to support it,” he says. “Seeley International is ready and invested in that future”.

The company notes that as Australia transitions away from fossil fuels to renewable energy, the associated challenge of load-shifting will move into the spotlight. It says the country will require baseload generation in the interim to ensure the security of the energy market, and it believes renewable hydrogen could play a critical role.

“Australia has considerable gas infrastructure capability,” says a media release from the company. “Gas infrastructure companies are factoring the transmission of renewable hydrogen into their long-term maintenance and expenditure programs, with a clear goal to be ready for a 10 per cent blend by 2030 and 100 per cent hydrogen ready by 2050.”

According to Seeley Interational, Australia’s National Hydrogen Strategy points out the global momentum towards clean hydrogen and the associated economic opportunities for Australia. It notes that most states are developing or implementing hydrogen plans and projects that consider both domestic and export use.

“It is fantastic that Australia is assessing a wide range of renewable hydrogen opportunities for various markets and applications”, Jon Seeley says.

“Beyond 2050, Australia will hopefully be an epicenter of renewable hydrogen export and Australian industries and communities will have been supported, throughout the energy transition, by reliable baseload energy sources like renewable hydrogen. Importantly, consumers will have preserved their energy choice and will decide on the role of renewable hydrogen in the longer term.”

According to the company, the message was welcomed by its network of dealers, who indicated that demand for ducted gas heating continues to grow and that consumers want to maintain the choice of warming their homes and businesses with gas.

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Photo shows Frank Seeley at the company’s Lonsdale factory.

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