Sekisui Foam releases Thermobreak Ductboard

Sekisui Foam Australia has announced the release of Thermobreak Ductboard, a new dual-purpose composite duct insulation. It is designed to provide both thermal insulation and acoustic insulation of air conditioning ductwork.

In the early 1990s, Sekisui Foam Australia developed Thermobreak Insulation based on the properties of physically crosslinked closed cell polyolefin foam, a technology invented by the Sekisui Chemical Co.

“The addition of Thermobreak Ductboard further advances the Thermobreak range available in Australia and will be manufactured in Sydney in a range of thicknesses complying with National Construction Code Thermal R values,” says the company.

“The new range will offer the combined benefits of thermal insulation, sound absorption and fibre-free installation. Thermobreak Ductboard provides durability and peace of mind, especially where moisture is a concern or indoor air quality is critical.”

The new product is manufactured in Australia and is available nationally.

Read the company profile of Thermobreak by Sekisui in HVAC&R Search.

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