Series IDPT industrial differential pressure transmitter

Dwyer has released a new industrial differential pressure transmitter – the Series IDPT.

The company says the transmitter features a rugged housing for a long service life in most industrial settings, which include semi-conductor, pharmaceutical, laboratories, fume hoods, HVAC pressure, critical measurement, and high purity applications.

According to Dwyer, the Series IDPT Industrial Differential Pressure Transmitter also features water-resistant housing and highly stable accuracy. This pressure transmitter utilises a capacitive pressure sensor on ranges 0 to 0.25 in w.c. to 0 to 1 in w.c., and a piezo sensor on ranges 0 to 2.5 in w.c. to 0 to 10 in w.c., both of which offer accuracy options of 0.25 per cent or 0.5 per cent full-scale, says Dwyer.

The cap cell allows the IDPT to maintain critical processes in industrial applications, and the series offers a 4-20 mA 2-wire version for a loop-powered current output as well as a 0-5V/0-10V selectable voltage output version, the company says.

Read the company profile of Dwyer at HVAC&R Search.

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