Smardt ships new V-class chiller

Smardt’s V-Class oil-free chiller range is now available from 350–3,600TR with very small footprints.

Smardt offers R134a and R1234ze refrigerants as standard, with other units available as options. The range features integrated redundancy and flexible turn-down to 5 per cent of full load. Other options include modular and series counter-flow configurations.

Smardt says its systems-integrated design allows continuous chiller operation during compressor maintenance, vital in mission-critical applications such as data centres, pharmaceutical manufacturing and district cooling.

At the time of writing, the new Smardt V-Class 2000X oil-free centrifugal chiller was set to be installed in Chengdu, China.

“The final test data shows that the unit performs far better than the national standard,” says Li Jiang, China refrigeration and air conditioning industry association (CRAA) Chairman.

“We believe that combined with TICA’s systems integration, customers can realise even further energy savings, contributing to new benchmarks for overall chiller plant performance.”.

According to Smardt, the new product demonstrates a COP of 6.83 and an IPLV of 11.86, which it says represents a 30 per cent improvement over China’s Tier 1 Energy Efficiency Standard. The Chengdu installation is expected to save about 260,000kWh and 259 tonnes of CO2 annually compared with traditional lubricated centrifugal machines.

“The development and utilisation of clean energy, energy conservation and emission reductions are major pillars in China’s economic plan,” says Jiang Li, TICA chairman.

“This new V-Class chiller for Huafu Jinsha housing complex delivers plant room energy savings of 60 per cent, and a whole building energy reduction of 40 per cent compared with conventional lubricated cooling.”

Says Danfoss VP Sales and Marketing, Jose Alvares: “Smardt rigorously tested the world’s first VTX1600 compressors at its labs in Canada and now the Smardt V-Class chiller range goes global, starting here in the world’s biggest chiller market. Danfoss is behind Smardt all the way.”

According to Smardt, the V-class chiller uses new Turbocor compressor to push the oil-free chiller limits.

“Today is a real milestone in the global development of the oil-free centrifugal technology that we started back in Australia in 1993,” says Roger Richmond-Smith, who founded Turbocor and Smardt and who is now chairman of TICA-Smardt Chiller Group.

“Another world first from Smardt, the worldwide pioneer in oil-free centrifugal chillers, means big gains for the planet and new bottom-line profits for building owners.”

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