Smart Lock to be sold in Australia and NZ

Sky Refrigeration has announced its distribution of Smart Lock tube joining fittings in Australia and New Zealand.

Smart Lock represents the “no braze/no crimp” pipe joining and connection technologies that have taken off in the US, says the company.

The product is based on a metal-on-metal join that is said to eliminate the issues inherent with the use of O-ring seals, such as leak rates, degradation, as well as issues surrounding oval tube and micro scratches.

Made from anodised aluminium with a bi-metal internal locking collar, the Smart Lock can be installed with all common refrigerant and oil types on copper and aluminium tube without the use of any special tools.

They are supplied with a depth gauge in each pack along with installation instructions. According to Sky Refrigeration, they can be installed quickly and easily with two shifting spanners.

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