Smart refill for single and dual pumps

Automatic Heating has launched its Duraflex Smart Refill, designed and manufactured in Australia.

According to the company, this innovative product boasts advanced features that offer enhanced efficiency and reliability and reduce environmental impact, making it the perfect choice for high hazard applications.

Automatic Heating says the Duraflex Smart Refill is a failsafe and fully approved backflow prevention solution that feeds water into process systems containing unpotable water.

“Among its many new features, the advanced design integrates with BMS systems, allowing water used, system pressure and pump failure to be monitored,” the company says.

“It complies with the Australian AS3500 National Plumbing and Drainage code, which forbids the direct connection of mains potable water supply to any process system that may contain hazardous chemicals or toxic substances.

“Featuring early detection of water loss, the Duraflex Smart Refill continually monitors the system and displays the average amount of water added per day on the LCD panel. Warning alarms trigger for excessive water leakage and flood alarms for extensive loss, preventing costly damage to the system.

“Installation is made easy with the new Set-Up Wizard. The electronic microprocessor-equipped PCB controls the various operating functions, and the backlit LCD panel displays the current system operating information.

“Suitable for all high-hazard applications, the Smart Refill offers the option of single and dual pumps, and can operate with low mains pressure feed. To lengthen the working life of boilers, heat exchangers, valves and pipework, an automatic corrosion inhibitor dosing system ensures sufficient corrosion protection.”

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