Smartair releases electronic VAV Diffuser

Smartair Diffusion has launched the SMARTEMP Helical Vari-Swirl, an electronic VAV diffuser with patents-pending cyclone swirl technology.

The high-capacity, low-pressure-drop electronic VAV swirl diffuser has a low-profile, side-entry connection box, and a variable geometry cyclone damper that increases discharge velocity when throttled, maintaining throw even when turned down to 15 per cent.

The features include:

  • High capacity (220 & 330 L/s @30 Pa static for sizes DN355 & DN500, respectively)
  • Low supply air temperature (≥7°C)
  • Low operating pressure (down to 10 Pa)
  • Side-entry connection box with low profile options (200 mm minimum)
  • Interchangeable side-entry spigots
  • Six reconfigurable airflow authority settings (100 per cent to 20 per cent – ideal for base-building to tenancy conversions, and for future-proofing designs)
  • VAV turndown to 15 per cent for each airflow authority setting, full shut-off (eliminates duct shut-off dampers in multiple tenancy applications)
  • powerful induction system for accurate on-board room air sensing of temperature, humidity and CO2 or VOC. 

Further on-board sensors include: supply air temperature (cooling/heating change-over); supply air pressure (airflow measurements); PIR (to determine occupancy) and Bluetooth (for communication with remote sensors, commissioning; and set-point adjustment from a user’s personal device).

The stepper motor, zeroing micro-switch, PC board, Bluetooth antenna and all sensors are accessible from below for maintenance and upgrades – no ceiling void access required.

According to Smartair Diffusion, the novel cyclone swirl damper incorporates a Low Flow Throw Booster to achieve expansive supply air spread even when fully turned down, saving fan energy when loads are low while maintaining high ADPI and good air change effectiveness. Bio-inspired noise suppression achieves quiet operation at elevated duct pressure – ideal for non-static regain duct designs, such as retrofits.

Controls include supply air temperature reset; supply air pressure reset; diffuser priority assignment (critical/standard/rogue); four stages of load shedding; and BMCS integration via BACNet.

To achieve a common aesthetic within the building, the face of the Helical Vari-Swirl matches the SMARTEMP range of Fixed and Adjustable Helical Swirl diffusers (type HSC).

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