Smartair releases new radial plug-flow diffuser

Smartair Diffusion has launched the Smartemp Radial Plug-flow Diffuser. The company says that the type RPC-AD diffuser is suitable for industrial displacement discharge from 4.5 to 8m height.

The discharge direction of the plug-flow airstream is adjustable from a radial pattern to a vertical airstream. This provides both optimised cooling in which the low turbulence supply air spreads radially before gently falling downwards to floor level with minimal mixing, as well as effective heating to floor level by means of a strong downward airstream.

Discharge direction adjustment is stepless, and may be manual, electric or by a self-powered thermal element in the supply air stream. DN400 and DN630 neck sizes are available, suitable for airflow rates from 450 to 1,800L/s.

According to Smartair, the diffusers are ideal for spot cooling/heating from large heights, as well as purging contaminants from individual workspaces by displacing them from above with high-quality supply air.

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