Retriever offers software for managing field technicians

Assigning the right field technician to the appropriate job based on their corresponding expertise and job location is an ongoing challenge for many HVAC businesses.

Retriever Communications has developed field service management software that the company says can help streamline operations to run more efficiently, improve customer service and keep workers safe.

“The increased transparency of your operations,” says Retriever, “means managers are less likely to micro-manage and can focus on other important areas of the business.”

The product is aimed at organisations in a range of industries including HVAC, electrical, facilities and mechanical services.

The software provides asset management, forms, time-sheets, purchase orders, work done and other functions. Retriever says the software is completely offline-ready, and guarantees no data loss because the application communicates all recorded data immediately upon establishing connectivity.

The schedule function provides office-based staff with real-time visibility and control over what is happening in the field. Forms completed in the field are tailored to each business through the Formbuilder application, making it easy to automate current paper-based processes. Custom service reports can be automatically generated when a job is completed and emailed to customers, service supervisors or the field worker.

Retriever Field Service can be readily integrated with most corporate systems. The mobile component runs natively on Android, iOS and Windows operating systems.

Retriever Communications is a global company in field service management software, headquartered in Sydney.

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