Specialist ventilation system drives containment hood

The McMonty Medihood is a specialist ventilation system designed and developed by the Head of Mechanical Engineering at Melbourne University, Professor Jason Monty, in collaboration with Dr Forbes McGain from Western Health, and Westaflex.

Primarily designed for containment of large droplets, the McMonty Medihood is a lightweight containment hood that can be assembled and mounted over a patient, typically used in the ICU ward of a hospital.

The ventilation unit has a fan located on the back which pulls air over the patient and away from the caregiver. The air is then released through a powerful HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) H13 filter, which is designed to clean and scrub the air of smaller droplets of the virus.

“Healthcare workers are able to treat and monitor patients with minimal restrictions, as it provides peace of mind with the added layer of protection,” says Medihood.

“It is also easy to remove should the patient require immediate clinical intervention.”

According to Medihood, the McMonty also allows for reduction in the risk of patients transmitting COVID-19 to healthcare workers. The McMonty will be assembled by the research staff prior to delivery to ICU or ward.

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