Permapipe has developed Strut Block

Permapipe has developed Strut Block, a new product to minimise pipe support deformation from sitting on uni strut, increasing the systems longevity. Strut block is designed for use with uni strut clamps, the rolled galvanised steel sleeve in the bottom of the block helps to distribute the point load from the unistrut across the surface area of the block. The sleeve is one quarter of the full circumference of the pipe, a minimum 60mm wide, 2mm thick up to 250NB, and 3mm thick for pipes 300NB and above.

The block portion used in Strut Block is Permablock. Permablock’s inorganic closed cell nature ensures it won’t absorb moisture and will never rot. Neoprene sealing tape completes the strong sisal vapour barrier and provides a fully encapsulated seal. It has low thermal conductivity minimising the potential for heat gain or loss and ensures maximum efficiency.

You can ask your mechanical supplier about Strut Block or Permablock for long-life pipe support.

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