SuperCool’s HVAC&R coil disinfectant

Viper Germicidal is an Australian made TGA-compliant, hospital-grade ready-mix hard surface disinfectant designed for sanitising HVAC&R coils.

Following an “accelerated compatibility test”, Australian Chemical Services has determined that Viper Germicidal will have no adverse effect on all grades and types of aluminium, including micro-channel HVAC&R coils, even after prolonged use.

According to product maker SuperCool Group. the test involved repeated cycles of applying Viper Germicidal to unprotected parts of an aluminium micro-channel HVAC&R coil and subjecting it to high temperatures. Inspection of the coil after the test found no difference between the half of the coil that had been treated with Viper Germicidal and that which had not.

“Formulated on the latest quaternary ammonium compound technology, the 4-in-1 formulation of Viper Germicidal contains advanced active ingredients that are highly effective at killing bacteria and germs, and controlling mould,” says SuperCool Group.

“Subtly fragranced and pH neutral, this product is suitable for all hard surfaces and all industry sectors.”

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