Swyft Energy makes strides with vWork

Swyft Energy, a leader in domestic heating installations in Ireland, has used vWork software help to double its sales without doubling its operational team.

As in many countries, the heating installation market in Ireland has many small installers due to low barriers to entry. An inhibitor to growth in this competitive market, however, is the long pre-installation cycle. From initial contact, through to site assessments, providing quotes, collecting equipment from wholesalers, it can take up to 6 hours for each job. And this happens all before the installer arrives onsite.

To address this, Swyft Energy developed a fully online experience for heating installations. Behind the scenes, Swyft Energy needed software to unite information from multiple platforms – website, manufacturers, pricing books – and pull them into seamless job workflows. Swyft Energy selected vWork for this.

“From day one, we wanted to give our customers a true online experience,” says Swyft Energy’s CTO, Adrian Casey. “To develop the solution beyond initial price estimates, we needed to have a flexible job management solution that could easily integrate with our other tools.

“Using vWork, we have doubled sales in the last year without the need to double operational staff. vWork’s data capture is second to none and allows us to automate so much on the back of it. So much so, that we’ve exceeded our own growth targets.”

“We’re delighted to see how Swyft Energy has adopted vWork to drive change in their industry,” says vWork CEO Roy Moody.

“Their innovative use of our job scheduling software has resulted in a business model that gives them the ability to grow at an industry-leading rate. The efficiencies they’ve achieved mean that installers are lining up to join their team.”

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