Testo launches new range of compact instruments

Testo has launched a range of compact new measuring instruments into the Australian market.

Testo says smooth and energy-efficient operation of air conditioning and ventilation systems can only be ensured by regular measurements of the relevant parameters.

“With the new compact measuring instruments testo 417, testo 416 and testo 425, flow and volume flow measurement in ventilation ducts, at air inlets and outlets and when adjusting balanced residential ventilation is child’s play,” the firm says.

Testo notes that we spend almost 90 per cent of our time indoors every day. Indoor air quality and comfort are therefore essential for minimising health risks and ensuring performance in the workplace.

“Thanks to the new compact measuring instruments testo 535, testo 545 and testo 625, CO2, illuminance, temperature and humidity are controlled quickly, easily and precisely, ensuring a healthy indoor climate that promotes performance,” says the firm.

“The new HVAC measuring instruments deliver precise results wherever you need them – fast, flexible, user-friendly and connected to smartphones and tablets,” Testo says. “Whether installing and maintaining air conditioning and ventilation systems, servicing heating systems, ensuring indoor air quality and comfort, measuring pressure in industrial applications … the world market leader in measurement technology has the right measuring instrument for every relevant parameter.”

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