Activ8 COVID disinfectant earns TGA approval

Activ8 Barrier Guard HVAC is a Queensland-made, TGA-registered COVID disinfectant designed for use in the HVAC industry.

According to air conditioning system supplier Complete Air Supply (CAS), it is the only HVAC TGA-approved COVID disinfectant on the market. Available in 5L and 15L containers, the product includes non-toxic products that are anti-bacterial, anti-fungal as well as anti-viral.

“These products create a barrier, which provides a protective layer on any surface,” says Complete Air Supply.

“Once bonded, it is extremely difficult to remove and it stays active for up to 30 days against bacteria on hard surfaces (independently validated). Additionally, it’s free of harmful chemicals and is water-based.”

Also part of the Activ8 range, the Queensland-made Coil Cleaner Concentrate consists of non-toxic chemicals and is designed for Australian conditions. The cleaning product is available in 5L and 15L containers, is non-corrosive to all equipment, and provides a clean surface to apply Activ8 Barrier Guard HVAC, says CAS.

“Activ8 Coil Cleaner works in conjunction with the HVAC disinfectant, which means it will not dilute the efficiency of Activ8 Barrier Guard HVAC,” says the company.

“If other products are used in its place we risk either reducing or a worse possibility of neutralising Activ8 Barrier Guard HVAC.”

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