Toshiba SMMS-u optimises climate control

Toshiba has launched its redesigned, seventh-generation super modular multi system, which it says optimises climate control in various types of commercial premises.

“The expectations of a modern air conditioning system have evolved over the past years,” says Toshiba. “Today, advanced comfort goes hand in hand with reduced energy and maintenance costs, combined with maximised simplicity and true operational flexibility. SMMS-u associates all of Toshiba’s innovative spirit and outstanding expertise to create highly efficient solutions with maximum end-user comfort at its core.”

The Toshiba SMMS-u comes with a new redesigned chassis, which the company says is now the optimal mix between dimension, efficiency, capacity, and sound pressure level.

“Toshiba has been striving to push the boundaries in VRF and the seventh generation SMMS-u has just done so by introducing the ground-breaking new triple rotary compressor delivering exceptional efficiency,” the company says.

“The triple rotary compressor has been incorporated into SMMS-u 14HP through to 20HP outdoor units to achieve a far more compact design.”

The new Toshiba SMMS-u line-up has been designed for various commercial building applications, including both new builds and refurbishments.

“Single module line-up spans from 8HP to 24HP allow up to five outdoor units to be combined to achieve 120HP,” says Toshiba. “It also allows for free combination possibilities where up to 3,000 solutions can be created to meet site requirements and customer needs such as efficiency, capacity, refrigerant amount or footprint.”

According to the company, the SMMS-u also allows for greater range when it comes to piping length. It allows a total piping length of 1,200m, with an allowable 250m from the outdoor unit to the farthest indoor unit, making the SMMS-u suitable for complex applications.

“With the enhancements made to the SMMS-u from its predecessor, the allowable connection of indoor units has also been increased to 128 units using the new TU2C-LINK protocol, which brings forth increased communication speeds,” says Toshiba.

“Another notable advance with the SMMS-u is the refrigerant charge – almost 40 per cent less in comparison to its predecessor, the SMMS-e.

“Combined with a lighter and more compact chassis, the SMMS-u also has several features to aid installers to save time with easier installation, commissioning, and maintenance.”

With the introduction of Toshiba SMMS-u, changes have been made to the diagnostic controls, allowing engineers to record, diagnose and interrogate the system.

To ensure year-round comfort, the SMMS-u mixes 0.1Hz compressor speed with high-precision pulse motor valve, to deliver the right quantity of refrigerant to all indoor units in demand, the company says.

“The advanced intelligent VRF control continually adjusts the operation of both indoor and outdoor units, based on the feedback from multiple sensors,” says Toshiba. “Furthermore, the SMMS-u also encompasses a sensor-based concept that initiates the defrost function only when necessary to ensure up to five hours of uninterrupted heating.”

Lastly, to complement the SMMS-u 2-pipe VRF, the indoor unit line-up has been increased to include indoor unit types with capacities ranging from 0.3HP to 10HP.

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