TruBlu evacuation kits launched locally

Envirotronics has announced exclusive distributorship of the TruBlu series of evacuation kits from Accutools Inc. USA.

There are two models on offer: Advanced and Starter.

“These hoses are freaky fast!” says Envirotronics. “The TruBlu hose has a 3/4in internal diameter delivering 16CFM of conductance speed at 1,000 microns. They evacuate 80 times faster than 1/4in internal diameter hoses and up to 6 times faster than other ‘vacuum-rated’ hoses on the market today.

“The TruBlu hose is extremely tough, ultra-smooth bored, yet the flexible wire reinforced PVC means it just won’t kink or collapse. TruBlu is resistant to abrasion and crushing and can be knocked back to round if accidently flattened. Additionally, the UV compounding has excellent weather resistance to provide years of reliable service.”

Envirotronics says the proprietary polymer blend has extremely low air permeation, water vapour adhesion, and outgassing, making the hose ideal for vacuum service.

“In short, TruBlu’s ultra-smooth large bore reduces flow loss and other losses,” says Envirotronics, “providing the fastest evacuation of any hose on the market today.”

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