True BLU air filters from Airepure

Australian air-filtration expert Airepure has released two new air filters for commercial HVAC systems: the BLU Hybrid 100 and 300.

According to the company, the hybrid filter media is synthetic with humidity and microbial resistant properties, making the products suitable for humid, tropical and coastal areas.

“Featuring a unique three-layer filter media design that effectively triples the filter surface area, BLU Hybrid filters provide high dust-holding capacity and low pressure drop,” says Airepure. “This results in longer filter life, lower energy usage, smaller fan selection and less noise in the duct.”

The filters are rated at F6 to F9 efficiencies (MERV 11-MERV 15) and are UL 900 certified.

Airepure claims the 100mm series are “perfect for any commercial HVAC filtration installation with limited space for higher-grade filtration or where UL certified filters may be required, including hospital FCUs, bed bays and staff stations.”

The 300mm series filters are intended as an effective and lightweight alternative to the conventional 300mm deep V-bank style mini-pleat.

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