Unist launches TSL Fluid Applicator

Unist Australia – a company that provides lubrication solutions for HVAC, metal cutting, and forming – has released its new TSL Fluid Applicator. The company says the applicator will improve efficiency and productivity in the HVAC industry.

“Unist’s TSL Fluid Applicator is the ideal solution for precisely and accurately applying fin stamping fluids,” the company says. “The TSL features controlled lubricant delivery to both sides of thin stock using specialised felt application pads. The TSL is capable of applying lubricant coatings as low as 25 mg/ft² (269 mg/m²) and is an ideal solution for applications where precise lubrication is critical.

“Unist Australia’s HVAC fin-making solutions are specially designed to consistently and neatly apply lubricant to the thin materials commonly used in heat exchangers. The TSL system saves manufacturers time, money and is environment-friendly with reduced fluid consumption.”

Unist says the product increases efficiency by monitoring the lubrication process, tracking fluid consumption, and alerting operators to any lubrication issues. The company also produces Coolube, a biodegradable and renewably sourced metal cutting lubricant.

Read the company profile of Unist Australia at HVAC&R Search.

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