Voice-activated smart home system

Voice activation technology is not only used for “hands-free” driving or streaming music through a smart speaker. The iZone Smart Home System allows voice activation technology to control all smart devices in a home.

Pairing a Google, Amazon or Apple smart speaker with the iZone Smart Home System allows users to voice activate smart home appliances and electrical fixtures including air conditioning, lights, irrigation, roller blinds, entertainment and security systems. They can also set up single-command smart home favourites, scenes or routines.

“Basic commands like asking Siri to turn on the air conditioning and more complex tasks to create a scene can also be achieved with iZone’s Smart Home System,” says the company.

“With a one-phrase command like ‘Hey Google, movie time!’ the lights can be dimmed, the television turned on and the blinds brought down.”

Lifestyle and entertainment apps can be integrated to enhance the voice-controlled smart home experience. The company says the system works with popular mainstream apps such as Google Home, Amazon Alexa, Apple Home Kit (Siri), IFTTT, Sonos, Samsung SmartThings and Spotify.

“For others with disabilities, impaired vision or reduced motor function, voice activation technology means much more than just convenience,” says iZone.

“Turning on smart lights and unlocking the front door without the need for hands can be life-changing, and with more R&D being spent on voice activation technology year on year, there’s no telling where the future lies for accessible technology, and a more inclusive society that benefits all.”

iZone is an Australian company that offers advanced air conditioning solutions featuring smart device controls and unique control algorithms that are designed to maximise efficiency and minimise costs.

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